CVA AEI 2021

The new CVA AEI 2021 format is now available in the curriculum manager in the section Management - My CVs. This format is also available for each customised cv you have available, but will still take into account the production of the last 10 years.

-Other information of interest for the elaboration of the CVA AEI 2021:

1. This CVA format allows mentioning a situation of interruption of the research activity.  To add this information within the curriculum manager, we place it in the Professional Activity - Professional Experience section, typology "Interruptions in the research career".

For the items with this typology it is compulsory to mark the start and end date and the centre where this interruption of the research activity took place.

2. Section B. Summary of the CV.

The summary is located in the manager within the Researcher Data - Brief CV Presentation. The item "CV Summary (DORA Principles)" has an index of the DORA principles to be completed. We remind you that you can activate the quality indicators automatically for this summary, and the importance of deactivating the old summaries. To deactivate these items just go to edit them and tick "No" in the "Activate Yes/No" box.